July 11th, 2010

jeff mills using only a 909.

i find myself getting into a lot of online squabbles. they are usually started when i read and reply to absurd facebook posts of some local dj misrepresenting themselves, their night, their musical contribution or lack thereof and a host of other typical problems like music theft, serato, hack production and style. it’s the same argument over and over in which i express my frustration and concern (usually quite angrily) over the lack of quality and accountability in this over saturated digital music age, and in keeping a focus on what’s closest to me, calling out vancouver’s worst taste makers and circuit dj’s for thinking they are the second coming.
the latest being a gimmicky dj who works in marketing posting a track with 5 sub genre’s in the title “deep french filter disco house”. sadly that title sounded far more exciting than the actual song. his argument in a nutshell was that he only has limited musical tools at his disposal to make music with and so his sound will have to suffice for now. furthermore, that it’s just smart marketing to get his music out there using these stupid monikers in the googlesphere so that maybe he can get to the next level in hopes to make better music later.
this way of thinking happens to be rampant where i live and i will get into more of this later. for now, this was a long way of getting around to wanting to show what an actual real electronic musician can do with just ONE piece of gear and to prove that talent is talent regardless of what you own.


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