June 5th, 2010

david cross and aziz ansari dvd’s

just picked up both aziz ansari’s intimate moments for a sensual evening and david cross’s bigger and blackerer. they are both really fantastic. watching them back to back, I noticed how aziz ansari’s humor is so beautifully modern day. I certainly wouldn’t expect people over a certain age to understand any of it though, especially the online chat room humor between him and his cousin. but I love that the material is that technologically ballsy. the guy is just so fucking funny. nothing else to say.
david cross always straddles the line between a very serious social commentary and bursts of childish quips. I find myself wishing for hours of his more political material. he has this real brilliant darkness to him that is just peaking through in the gentlest of ways. wish I could see more of him in show or film.
oddly I tried stopping aziz ansari one time when I was in l.a in his car outside of this cafe to ask him if he was performing anywhere, but I think he thought I was a raaaaaaandy fan and got freaked out and sped away.

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