July 15th, 2010

africa is still here.

there’s not much denying that most contemporary music’s time signatures and even more specifically, dance rhythm’s time signature of the 4/4 came from africa. african drum rhythm’s have played a key role in various story telling and dance rituals for centuries. even the drum’s introduction into america came via the slave trade, but was eventually banned because slaves could communicate over long distances with other slaves in a language or code unknown to their slave owners. we don’t hear of much new music coming out of africa, but you shouldn’t count them out by any means because of limited marketing. Konono n°1 for example was a fantastic new discovery from Crammed Discs and now Honest Jon’s has just released a new compilation called Shangaan Electro. I don’t even know where to start with this amazing phenomenon, but in keeping with the idea that talent is talent no matter what tools you have to work with, buy this new release so we can keep hearing real artists do real shit.


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