October 28th, 2010


I had a chance to open for Harvey about 7 years ago at this tiny warehouse party here in vancouver. it was really just for this guys 20 odd friends who wanted to go crazy for a night. not even sure how he managed to hook the whole thing up, but i ended up playing for a couple hours and Harvey played for 4. needless to say it turned into a pretty magical evening. thinking back on it now, the whole thing seems rather decadent and i’m feeling pretty blessed to have had that experience. anyhow, i did want to share a real important lesson i learned that night, which was that dj’s don’t always have to play hard for things to be felt intensely. sometimes a slower record can be just as powerful if not even more so. Harvey is a master of taking people on a journey and more dj’s could learn from his poetic musical story telling. this is a great new interview with him and covers all the great stuff that you would expect from someone who’s seen some things. http://finn-johannsen.de/2010/10/27/dj-harvey-interview/


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